Assessments are done three times a year at our centre to understand and support children’s is also essential to document and evaluate how effectively program is meeting young children cognitive, emotional physical, social and developmental needs.


For young children we use informal assessment procedure that meets acceptable levels of reliability, and validity which include observation, portfolios and rating of children by caretakers and parents

Observation: observation of children activities in their day to day settings. Children activities naturally integrate all dimension of their development- intellectual motivational, social, and physical and so on

Portfolios: Portfolios can be defined as “purposeful collection of students work”. It involves multiple sources of data collection, and occurs over a representative time. Its two and three way collaboration between student, teachers and parents

Teacher rating: teachers rating are mostly used to asses children’s social and emotional development it can also asses children cognitive and language abilities. Checklist and assessment tools are used to assess concrete and specific behavioral descriptions like recognition of shapes letters or global assessment of children’s trait example cooperative, social, hardworking etc.

Parent rating Parent rating are way to organize parent perceptions of children. Soliciting parent rating is an excellent way for our teachers to involve them as partner.