Illness Policy

ill_childChildren are often ill. This presents problems to working parents who do not want to be absent from their jobs. However, when your child is sick, please do not bring him/her to the Day care Centre. Please do make other arrangements in advance for the occasions when your child may become ill. If your child becomes ill at our Centre, we will notify you promptly so that arrangements can be made to take him/her home.

As a guideline, your child should be kept at home or removed from the centre if he/she:

– Has a temperature over 38 degrees C
– Is vomiting or has diarrhea
– Feels too unwell to participate in daily activities including outdoor activities
– Has an undiagnosed skin rash
– Has persistent pain
– Has a communicable disease
– Obviously infecdted discharge (thick and coloured)
– Cough, frequent bouts, especially if choking or vomiting

Please note that if your child is suspected to have a communicable disease, the public health nurse will be called and you will be notified. If a communicable disease is confirmed, quarantine regulations set by the Local Board of Health will be observed. These regulations are available at our centre.