Fee Rates

Fees are charged on monthly basis and payment must be made on first day of month. Your child is not officially registered until payment is made. Late fee of $1 a day is applicable thereafter.

We require $100 nonrefundable registration fee on the date of registration

In order to keep registration current and up to date, we require that you provide us with six postdated cheques to cover the fees from September to February or march to August.

Holidays and absence do not reduce your fees. Part time parents are required to pay for their designated days regardless if they have been sick or away. Please do not ask us to make any exceptions.

The fee includes music classes. Any other extra activities like clay projects, field trips are not included in monthly childcare fee.

A service charge of $20 will be charged for all NSF cheques.

Official receipt will be given to you for all the payment made at the end of the year. Please retain this receipt for your records, as if you require a new one it will issued with $20 administrative fee.

Current fees are as follow

Infants- 13 to 20 months

Full time $1375/month with operating grant $740

Half days – N/A

Toddlers -months – 40 months

Full time -$1200/month with operating grant $690

Full day-75 per day maximum 8 hours only available for children 3 years and up

Half days- NA

Preschoolers-3.4 years to 6 years

Full time $1075/month with operating grant $625

Half days $825/month only with operating grant 600(7am to 12pm or 12pm – 5:45pm)

Full day -$80 per day maximum 8 hours

Half day -$60

there is  a $80 transportation fee per month  for kindergarten children

Additional $50 will be charged for breakfast and lunch. parents can choose to opt out of breakfast/lunch fee By doing so they will be responsible for sending food for entire day.

Note : subsidy is based on your family income