At Riverbend Montessori  you will find educators full of enthusiasm, love and dedication to the teaching of young children. They know best learning occurs through hands-on, joy filled play.

Our unique educational methodology requires intelligent and highly skilled instructors who intentionally engage in child centered play to facilitate rich, advanced learning. We are very proud of our exceptional teachers.

As well as meeting all Provincial Ministry requirements (including ECE certification and Criminal Records reviews) teachers participate in minimum 10 hours of professional development each year. We also conduct CIS report on our staff every three years Each classroom teacher also receives consistent  observations  from a  Director and Assistant director..

Assistant director/Director

As experienced teachers, Director supervises each room providing encouragement and support. They are present as a resource to both teachers and families.

Staff development

We also provide several and varied learning opportunities throughout the year, including regular staff meetings and professional development days. We have excellent seminars and workshops to address current advances in early childhood education, theory, curriculum, child growth, special needs, and much more!

It is important to us that every staff member have the opportunity to feel refreshed and renewed and to grow professionally.