iStock_000041298446_LargeThe preschool years are a particularly important period in child development. We want every child to experience early success in learning and feel excited to learn and explore. We also want to prepare children for their experiences in Kindergarten

Curriculum: the sum total of the experiences, activities, and events, whether direct or indirect, that occurs within an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.

Curriculum is not a list of topics that need to be taught or activities that have to be completed. It is the way our centre design interactions, relationships, environments and experiences to create learning opportunities.

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Program Evaluation

Our program plans on improving ourselves with our Quality Enhancement Plan through Accreditation, ongoing input and feedback from staff and families, PD opportunities for employees, surveys, policy questions to our parents in our newsletters, policy questions for our staff at monthly meetings, safety inspections and survey checklists.

We are always looking for new ways to involve parents, staff and the community. Throughout the year we track and document illness, incidents, accidents, critical incidents and behavior repetition. At staff meetings or board meetings we will discuss our findings to see if classroom action or policy changes are required to eliminate risk.