Four Year Old Preschool

nature_walkThe Four Year Old program picks right up where the Three Year Old program finishes off. It is just as dynamic, just as fun and just as enriching. The key curriculum components of the four year old year are:

  • Fun Family Phonics letter recognition, printing and reading. Recognize, spell write first name , blended sounds,
  • Math   numbers and reasoning, one to one correspondence, matching symbols, shapes, patterns etc.
  • World of Wonders A journey into our amazing world and beyond. –experience the world through nature walks, observe weather. Investigate animals the homes they liv the food they eat. Plant growth. Measure and mix ingredient in cooking activities.
  • Creative Art explore variety of art processes; painting sculpture collage etc. use of variety of material.

Teaching components introduced in the three year old program (such as Math and Going for Goodness) are carried on in the four year old programming.

Even though Four Year Old classes are full for the most part (because our three-year-olds move automatically to our four year old classes), we anticipate some enrollment change before each school year starts in September. Children are welcome to start the program at the four year old level if there is space.